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APS Aviation se trgovinom i uslugama u oblasti vazduhoplovstva i protiv vazduhoplovne odbrane kao i distribucijom opreme za podršku na zemlji.

Our Company is agent and broker of spare parts, equipment and services for civil, commercial and military aviation as well as outsourcing of hard to find, obsolete parts electric and electronic components and airport ground support equipment. Our pool of services includes: Overhaul of engines and aggregates and complete aircrafts for civil and military aviation. We bring together end users from outside with domestic producers and we provide support to local manufacturers with aviation information and service of supply of any spare part needed.
Our focus is on serving the customer and providing all necessary logistic to support our end users which are growing in number. We support numerous civil customers and are directly or indirectly supplying MOD Serbia, MOD Peru, MOD Equator and MOD Cameroon.
We support the following platforms:
Civil: Cessna, Piper, Learjet, Mooney, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Pilatus, Bell, Boeing
Military: Mi-8/17/24, Antonov, Ilyshin, Mig-21/29, Eurocopter Gazelle/Puma
Business goals:
Our energy is invested in steady growth through support of existing and new emerging customer as well as business development in new and exciting projects through our partners in Serbia and our Company network in Germany, Belgium and USA. We aim to become stable and reliable supplier to the end users at home and abroad, especially in supply of sophisticated technologies, spare parts that are hard to find, new technologies or for the ones that domestic market has no support for.

Dr Agostina Neta 38a, Beograd